about me

The Last Full Show is a film rating website established by Arline Ramirez who has been writing movie reviews since 2011.  

Bored with writing cheap articles, she decided to start a blog as a creative outlet in 2010. Ten years later, she found herself bored, unemployed and cooped up with her parents who believe in fake news and sketchy herbal medicines they see on Facebook. She decided to move out of a free blog and built her own website as a needed distraction. 

I’m not here to bash your favorite director, franchise, or fandom. I don’t have any delusions that my writings will sway public opinion, influence box office figures, or catch the attention of filmmakers. I just like films and I have an opinion about them.

For reviews and other film inquiries, visit the Contact page. You can also sign up for the Newsletter and receive weekly email notifications for the latest movie reviews.  

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