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Once upon a time, a writer decided to start a blog out of boredom working in a content mill. She wanted to start a magazine at first but soon realized this was too ambitious. She wrote a movie review instead. And somehow hadn’t stopped (okay there were a couple of hiatuses) since 2011.

My movie blog has changed its name twice over the years – Beating Ennui, The Viewing Tank – but it always had one purpose: unpretentious movie reviews you can read in five minutes.

Now it’s a full-fledged independently owned website.

Full disclosure: I’m not a director and screenwriter.

I’m not here to bash your favorite director, franchise, or fandom. I don’t have any delusions that my writings will sway public opinion, influence box office figures, or catch the attention of filmmakers.

I’m a short story writer (probably won’t ever get published), power-napper (a gift and a curse), and content marketing specialist (yo! hire me) who loves cinema.

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may your roads lead you to warm sands,
Arline Ramirez
Owner and film critic.
@_arline ramirez / @thelastfullshow

For general and website inquiries: hello@lastfullshow.com
For screeners and press invites: arline@lastfullshow.com

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