What you’re seeing right now is ten years in the making.

Flashback to 2011. 

I was working as a writer penning mind-numbing SEO articles. It was the early days of SEO where Google wasn’t smart enough to spot spammy articles crammed with keywords that websites use to sneak their way into page one of search results. 

Like any other frustrated creative writer would do, I turned to blogging. At first, I had this ambitious mindset of creating a magazine type of website. But this was hard to sustain. So I decided to focus on a niche. 

I like watching movies. So I wrote a review for Blue Valentine. It provided an outlet for my suppressed creativity and continued writing reviews for 9 years. 

Fast forward to 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic hit. Unemployed. Quarantined. Bored out of my mind. So much debt. 

Then one day I got a homebased job. Out of curiosity, I checked if my blog title is available as a domain. I ended up buying it and of course, I had to use it. So I moved out of WordPress.com and built my own website. 

I’m not here to bash your favorite director, franchise, or fandom. I don’t have any delusions that my writings will sway public opinion, influence box office figures, or catch the attention of filmmakers.

I just like films and I have an opinion about them.


For inquiries, please go to our Contact page. 

I can be found on Twitter @arline_ramz.

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