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Movie Review: Adventures of Tin Tin – The Secret of The Unicorn

A straight up action adventure flick that’s thoroughly enjoyable but limited by its own technical feat.

In this 3d movie adaptation of the comic script The Adventures of Tin Tin, the relentless journalist and his smart pooch snowy gets thrown into a treasure hunt revolving around a model sailing ship. Along the way he meets alcoholic Captain Haddock and the sinister Ivan Sakharine, who both share a family history that will unlock the secrets of the Unicorn.

The movie’s 3d adaptation proves that technology can provide great results when done right. Its swash buckling pirate action and tireless chase scenes  were remarkable, and would have proven nearly impossible or very expensive if it was done in a live action film. The wholesome charm of the comics was translated well into the big screen and Captain Haddock provided much of the laughs. With good old fashioned storytelling, the film is very entertaining.

As the movie progresses though, Tin Tin proves to be an uninteresting lead. He serves nothing more than the character who keeps the audience up to date on what’s going on and introduces the next plot point. While the effects are great for the action pieces not much is paid attention to the human details of the characters. It’s quite ironic that state of the art animation technology cannot deliver the simple and expressive drawings that Hergé’s  mere ink and  pen can.

Overall, its still an enjoyable action movie, and manages to pull off what it sets out to do with an exhilarating romp.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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