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Movie Review: Blue Valentine (Spoiler Alert)

Its an honest portrayal of a love story and the deterioration of a relationship. The performances are stellar, and I read somewhere there were a lot of improv. Ryan Gosling does a good performance, but Michelle Williams was exceptionally natural, perhaps pulling from experience. The soundtrack was perfect. Even though we’re taken back and forth without really being given a definite answer on why it all ended, you will be  more affected by the heart break that comes hurling at you in the end.

The movie is about the dissolution of Dean and Cindy’s marriage. Through flashbacks we see the course of their relationship from their first encounter to their wedding. The audience is provided with details in how great they used to be and clues on why things went wrong.

Dean is contented with painting houses and going home to his daughter and wife. Cindy is a nurse who wants something more from his husband apart form seeing him drunk and doing some menial job.

In an attempt to rekindle their relationship Dean takes them to a seedy motel. Cindy leaves off to work without a word, leading Dean to follow her. After a confrontation in Cindy’s workplace, she decides to break it off and Dean is forced to walk away while fireworks go off in the background.

Unlike most romantic comedies and love stories in Hollywood this movie doesn’t have some cliched/contrived drama or some sugar coated conflict that get’s resolved by divine intervention, epiphany or sage advice. Its about a couple’s relationship who just didn’t work out, takes it downward spiral and falls apart.

My Take: 8/10

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