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Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

Funny, scary and definitely clever, The Cabin in the Woods is an entertaining film that skewers horror cliches.

Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen. If you think you know this story, think again. From fan favorites Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard comes The Cabin in the Woods, a mind blowing horror film that turns the genre inside out. — (C) Lionsgate

The story is pretty simple but the plot is amusingly clever. The first half is filled with horror cliches – a premise reminiscent of the Evil Dead with one predictable death scene to another. But just when you think you know what’s going on, the movie presents clues that says otherwise. It will keep you guessing until the build up leads to a satisfying pay off. It uses horror cliches to present its own conspiracy theory that deconstructs the whole genre.

The performances are good. Even though the characters are forgettable they eventually get out of their own assigned templates as the movie twists and turns to reveal a bigger picture.  Chris Hemsworth was endearing as the jock, Fran Kranz was amusing as the stoner and Kristin Connolly did well as the virginal but not exactly damsel in distress.

Unfortunately due to its violence and gore, the movie was edited to get a PG rating in the Philippines. Its suffers from cuts, making it choppy at times. But that isn’t exactly the fault of the makers of the film.

The ending was a bit contrived, but it’s a good conclusion to the story.

The Cabin in the Woods is a well executed film filled with funny meta jokes. It pokes fun at the formulaic horror genre, but gives it a new spin to reanimate its dead limbs.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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