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Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

The payoff doesn’t live up to the whiz bang action of the film, but Captain America: The First Avenger is a decent  movie with solid performances that will keep you preoccupied while waiting for the Avengers.

It’s WWII and Steve Rogers wants to be in the army. Unfortunately his motivation doesn’t exactly coincide with his physical attributes, so his handicaps prevent him from getting enlisted. Despite this, Steve tries one more time and  a conveniently placed German scientist in the scene gives him a chance. He gets recruited in an experiment aimed to defeat Hydra, a Nazi organization that specializes in weapons.

The movie is straightforward, following a simple narrative and an uncomplicated super hero. You don’t have to deal with confusing sub plots and unresolved daddy issues.

Captain America has a fixed purpose and a clear moral compass. This would have been boring if not for the perfectly casted Chris Evans who inhabited his character well. The supporting cast delivers.

However, there isn’t much to the film apart from it’s pulpy action. Hydra didn’t put much of a fight as the Captain lay waste to its facilities despite having the cosmic cube that served as some powerful energy source for weapons. Captain America and Schmidt didn’t even fight, but merely shouted across the bridge as Red Skull finally makes an appearance.

In the end, the movie is a mere  footnote to the much awaited Avengers movie. But with its nostalgic feel and classic themes, this straight arrow movie is a good balance between action, adventure and the tale of the little guy who wants to make a big difference.

My Rating: 7/10

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