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Cinemalaya Movie Review: Shorts A (2017)

Shorts A is an interesting eclectic mix of stories that range from the quirky to the introspective, each offering a different perspective to a familiar slice of life stories.

Fatima Marie Torres and the Invasion of Space Shuttle Pinas 25 – 2/5

The crux of it is silly and juvenile, but it’s bizarre moments tell of a marriage gone stale and rekindled in its quirky way.

Sorry for the Inconvenience – 3/5

Tackles ideals about masculinity through a single event. The subtlety of its execution and acting of Ronwald Martin elevates this simple story.

Lola Loleng – 5/5

The most affecting story in Shorts A, Lola Loleng is an illustrated poem of a girl visiting her grandmother. Montages succinctly tell of a painful past and the indifference of the present. But all is not lost for Lola Loleng as her granddaughter is there patiently listening and through this, the short film teaches us to provide empathy for the silenced voices who have no words to describe their pain.

Aliens Ata – 4/5

A different take about parents working abroad told through a series of poignant family portraits. The scenes are captured strictly through top shots using a drone, with characters placed in a certain spot on a field of grass. Its a unique and artistic yet relatable take about OFWs that doesn’t feel gimmicky.

Islabodan – 3/5

It’s a typical tale about the corruption of power told through rival gangs. But the execution of the story is clever enough to entertain – presented in comic book style, it uses panels to split frames and direct the viewer’s eyes in a funny and inventive way.

Manong ng Pang-Aling – 2/5

A typical arthouse film about the retirement of a fisherman. The black and white shots are beautiful and you can see what the movie is trying to convey, but it fails to go beyond the surface of a supposedly introspective story.

Cinemalaya Movie Review: Shorts A (2017)


Fatima Marie Torres and the Invasion of Space Shuttle Pinas 25, Sorry for the Inconvenience, Lola Loleng, Aliens Ata, Islabodan, Manong ng Pang-Aling.

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