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Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

Its nothing more than a run of the mill action flick of unlikely heroes saving the day, but its fun to watch.

If you watch the trailer you’ll pretty much know what the movie is about. An amnesiac cowboy wakes up in the middle of nowhere with a device strapped to his arm. Bit by bit he finds out who he his, where the device came from, and the threat that came with it.

The plot is predictable and contrived but the actors are dependable enough to keep things interesting. You have the mysterious individual who pops out of nowhere, stirs things up, meets a disparate group of characters along the way, casts their differences aside, and team up against a common enemy.  The enemy is nothing special too in its usual icky ghastly form.

Although the characters are stereotypes, the actors were great. Daniel Craig was appealing (that guy can definitely rock anything close to a suit), Harrison Ford was great, Sam Rockwell delivered, and Paul Dano was amusing. The action was fun to watch and had some interesting shootouts, but you pretty much know how it will end even before it does.

Its a good flick to pass the time but forgettable. The movie has potential, and Daniel Craig is more than able to carry it, but the script is ridden with too much familiar elements to take off and looks more like a B movie.

My Rating: 6/10

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