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Cowboys and Aliens Review: Mediocre Western Alien Shoot ’em Up

Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens is a western and alien sci-fi mash-up.

The plot is predictable and contrived but the actors are dependable enough to keep things interesting.

A mysterious individual pops out of nowhere and stirs things up. He meets a disparate group of characters along the way, they cast their differences aside, and team up against a common enemy.  The enemy is nothing special nor imaginative.

Although the characters are stereotypes, the actors were great. Daniel Craig was appealing, Harrison Ford was great, Sam Rockwell delivered, and Paul Dano was amusing. The action was fun to watch and had some interesting shootouts, but you pretty much know how it will end even before it does.

Cowboys and Aliens is nothing more than a passable but ultimately forgettable B-movie that has an overqualified cast.

Cowboys and Aliens


Cowboys and Aliens is a run-in-the-mill action flick that promises nothing more than what's in its title, but the cast makes it passable.

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