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Movie Review: Haywire

A straight up no b*****t action film with. There’s nothing much beyond the surface, but it’s a blast.

Gina Carano plays an operative who works for a private contractor. After a successful stint she gets double crossed and left for dead. With all the famous assassins on her tail, she must find out the truth to survive.

Haywire is made to deliver in the simplest but most effective way. The background isn’t filled with pulse pounding tracks, there’s piano music instead when Kane is on the move. The action scenes are staged, but because of MMA fighter Gina Carano it looks believable.¬† There’s no crack of a billiard ball to tell you that a fist has landed, it looks and feels real. There’s no accompanying music either which provides much more focus on the grunts, crashes and hits between Kane and whoever male she’s fighting. The hand to hand combat is not made to show some fancy move with added slow motion, it’s a realistic all out brawl without any conveniently placed items. Haywire is an all adrenaline movie filled with awe-inspiring showdowns and takedowns, and a sense of humor.

But that’s pretty much there is to it. The movie is built around the capabilities of its lead and the use of her fighting experience. There is no narrative nor characterization. The movie is a great distraction and entertainment at best.

But then again, Haywire is not pretending to be anything else. It’s not even making any attempt at realism or plausibility. It’s an action film stripped down to its bare essentials to deliver ass kicking in every frame. Haywire is also a refreshing take on female led action movies. You have a character who actually looks capable of putting up a fight instead of a stereotypical heroine in asset enhancing clothes and high heels, delivering lethal punches¬† with her thin frame. Angelina Jolie sold her character in Salt, but those thin veiny arms are not convincing.

My Rating: 8/10

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