Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

With beautiful cinematography, witty dialogue, and a great cast Midnight Paris is set to delight you from the beginning to the end.

Apart from its beautiful montage of Paris, the movie also captured the 1920s. It provided a fantastical setting for Gil, the disillusioned writer played by the funny Owen Wilson. The characters were amusing enough with insightful dialogues that make good one-liners.

While it is charming in its own right (which is not hard to do when you’re shooting in Paris) the story is predictable. The Americans from the present are conveniently unlikeable. Inez and her parents, including Paul are all insufferable, which also makes you wonder why Gil would want to marry a girl like that in the first place.

Certain flaws aside, the movie is entertaining. When Gil finally learns his lesson through Adriana (Marion Cottilard), it teaches us how nostalgia can make us miss out on the present.

Midnight in Paris


Midnight in Paris is a whimsical romantic comedy that's as charming and nostalgic as the streets of its setting. 

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