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47 Meters Down Review: Hackneyed Shark Movie

47 Meters Down Review: Hackneyed Shark Movie

47 Meters Down is another shark movie that delivers nothing worth watching in the cinema.

In fairness, the movie is able to create a sense of dread, isolation, and claustrophobia through its underwater cinematography and camerawork. The empty and dark backdrop of the barren and nondescript sea bed is an ample setting for surprises and paranoia. 

Early aughts pop star turned actress Mandy Moore and TV actress Claire Holt do their best. Unfortunately, they and Matthew Modine are stuck in a B-movie with a brainless script of cliches.

Here, the wounded protagonist is stuck-up girl next door Lisa who’s so cookie-cutter boring that her boyfriend left. She goes on a vacation with slutty fun sister Kate who travels around the world and gets all the boys. To remedy her situation, Lisa goes on a probably illegal tourist activity goaded by cute Mexicans and her sibling.

After an overlong exposition, they board a worse for wear boat with sophisticated diving equipment. Once the ladies get inside a shoddy tank and into the water, 47 Meters Down further devolves into a contrived thriller with generic jump scares, conveniently deployed well-rendered sharks, and a hackneyed plot.

Towards the end the movie cribs a plot twist from The Descent and while exactly nothing new, at least gives the viewers a couple of pulse-pounding moments and a truly horrifying realization. Unfortunately, the movie cops out for a forgettable finish.

47 Meters Down has a potential premise but everything else doesn’t rise above genre cliches to help it. There’s also a workable idea here floating in its bland story that perfectly fits its setting, but it seems that that would have been too much of an effort for a movie that coasts on low expectations.

47 Meters Down is not worth the trip and better left lying at the bottom of oblivion.

47 Meters Down


47 Meters Down has an inane script that doesn't fully commit to its premise, settling instead for contrived jump scares, cliched characters, and trite thrills.

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