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All is Lost Review: A Simple Yet Gripping Survival Tale

Movie Review: All is Lost

The title of the film already gives the story away and you know what to expect right from the start. But even with this, the film manages to hold your attention.

All is Lost is as simple as a man trying to survive in open water after a string of unfortunate events. But Robert Redford’s ability to hold the screen makes you curious if his character will cheat death.

The plot twists are conventional and there’s little clue as to who the protagonists is, but the film’s stunning cinematography and Redford’s performance make you care enough to stay throughout his ordeal.

All is Lost is proof that the simple yet effective storytelling of the human condition doesn’t always need technical wizardry.

All is Lost


All is Lost is a gripping tale about resilience thanks to an earnest lead performance and effective cinematography.

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