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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review – Gray Gloomy Mess

Movie Review: Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice

It’s baffling how you can make a dull superhero movie involving Batman and Superman, yet Zach Snyder manages to do so.

The cast did their best to make it work. Against expectations, Ben Affleck delivers a decent Batfleck. Henry Cavill is able to portray a vulnerable Superman. Gal Gadot’s presence and awesome theme song put the excitement back to a movie drowning in dourness.

In fairness, there are some cool action sequences. Superman gets pummeled by a superhero who’s not even considered a metahuman. Unfortunately, these are a few bright spots in a film where two characters who should have been fighting just react to whatever is happening around them.

Worse, Dawn of Justice is three half-baked ideas all rolled into one, turning into one long mash-up trailer.

You’ll get a rip-off of The Dark Knight, a Man of Steel sequel with an insecure Clark, and a set-up for the Justice League franchise. There’s talk about Gods and mortals in an attempt to bring some gravitas into the whole boring ordeal but doesn’t have any effect because it’s reduced to one-liners in between explosions.

After about 90 minutes the movie finally decides to present the superhero showdown that Warner Brothers’ marketing team hyped for months but it’s too little too late.

The animosity between Batman and Superman is simplistic. Superman is turned into some white savior at some point while Batman’s character is turned into a single-minded avenger. Worse, their fight ended because of an anticlimactic coincidence that’s also clumsily executed.

In an attempt to connect all of this mess, it uses a cartoonish twitchy Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg does his best, but he ends up more like a twerp with Asperger’s Syndrome, vague motivations, and needlessly elaborate schemes.

Word has it that Bryan Cranston was supposed to play the role and we’re left to wonder how glorious that would have been.

Towards the end, the movie shifts into an adaptation of a famous comic storyline. It turned a memorable villain into a Golem looking monster for a CGI-infested team battle, which looked like an attempt to appease cinema viewers who have realized they’ve been duped.

There are potential ideas here that could have worked if they were given the chance to stand on their own. Unfortunately, the studio is too preoccupied with catching up with Marvel that they forgot to tell a story.

I’m pretty sure that Batman V Superman would make a lot of money. Fans who bought the comics would be the only ones to understand what’s going on, and for some, that’s enough.


Here are more nonsensical things that others have already pointed out.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


Batman V Superman is buried underneath bafflingly bad execution - a poorly structured script, character defying logic, and forgettable action scenes. 

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