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Battleship Review: A Dumb Cash Grab

Movie Review: Battleship

For undemanding filmgoers who just want to escape from reality for an hour or two, the movie has plenty of CGI alien action to offer as long as you turn off your brain. Completely. Because once you try to make sense of any of it, or even as much as pay attention to the characters, that’s when dumb fun becomes just plain dumb and cliched.

The lead is Lt. Hopper, (Taylor Kitsch) an undisciplined hotshot. His love interest of course is a blonde hot chick named Samantha Shane (Brooklyn Decker) who is coincidentally the Admiral’s (Liam Neeson) daughter. Naturally, he doesn’t approve. The rest of the cast is paper-thin.

When the alien invasion starts rolling you do get a lot of action scenes, but none of them are really memorable (except that robotic yoyo of death). The invasion itself doesn’t make any sense. The alien forces only respond to possible threats from weapons. Lt. Hopper somehow receives a vision of mass destruction, but the enemy doesn’t show any indication of harming humans unless provoked.

The movie ends predictably. Lieutenant turned commanding officer Hopper employs unorthodox but effective methods that defeat the alien flagship. Efforts from unlikely heroes (complete with a defining moment of a downtrodden hero who finds the courage to stand up and fight) seal the victory. The surviving crew gets saved in the nick of time.

Battleship was able to incorporate the board game that inspired it but there’s no effort here to make go beyond the mediocre blockbuster template.



Too formulaic to justify its existence.

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