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Big Hero 6 Review: Heart and Humor

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 tackles the age-old theme of how well-intentioned technology becomes a tool for destruction. But this action-packed comedy-adventure manages to rise above its conventional elements because of a relatable story.

At the center is Hiro Hamada, a child-prodigy who prefers to focus his talents on gambling. His brother – Tadashi – is able to redirect his genius to more productive pursuits. After a sudden devastating turn of events, Hiro accidentally activates Baymax, a round inflatable healthcare robot determined to treat him.

The two discover a nefarious plot and Hiro turns Baymax into a battle robot. Baymax follows along as Hiro tells him that it will “help his emotional state”.  The pair teams up with Tadashi’s friends to save San Fransokyo from a Kabuki-masked villain.

The lively plot takes place in a detailed backdrop that looks like a believable Japanese-styled American city. The attention to detail is extended to the cast’s costumes. This vivid animation is paired with colorful action scenes.

Centering a movie around inventors gives Big Hero 6 plenty of opportunities to play around – Baymax’s inflatable design becomes a funny running gag and the color-coded team gives a variety of fighting styles that match their personality.

This however also crowds the movie with one-note supporting characters. Big Hero 6 shines the most when it’s focused on Baymax and Hiro. In the end, Baymax finishes his care for Hiro. But it’s only when Hiro chooses to let go of his hatred that he and his friend finish their missions.

Big Hero 6 has lessons that we’ve seen before, but it’s got the heart and humor to make it a classic.

Big Hero 6


Big Hero 6 is a refreshing origin story that's a fun and funny mash-up of east meets west animation.

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