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Capone (2020) Review: Pointless Tom Hardy Showcase

Capone Review:

Tom Hardy has obscured his face in numerous roles that articles have been written about it. In Capone, you can clearly see where he ends and the titular character begins, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find a way to hide.

In this version, Al Capone is a crazy old man losing his mind and later on control of his bowels. Nothing much to see there, but Tom Hardy does everything he can to make a performance out of it while looking like a zombie with an accent that’s based on Bugs Bunny. He mumbles incoherently, yells, drools, and growls.

The plot hops between reality and hallucinations as Capone slips into dementia.

When Fonzo is not being paranoid and thinking about the stash of 10 million in cash that he has forgotten where he hid, his rotting mind takes over. In one episode, he’s lumbering in the hallway then walks into a prohibition party, followed by getting escorted into another room where he watches one of his people gruesomely kill a man tied to a chair.

These episodes always end with him getting hurt, someone else gets hurt or him shitting his pants.

There is no characterization nor narrative to tie all these sequences together. The rest of the supporting cast is stuck in subplots that don’t amount to much either. The entire movie is a collection of set pieces that Hardy can play with.

As a result, Capone becomes a cartoon and this biopic turns into a self-parody for Tom Hardy to showboat his skills. Towards the end, there is a scene here with a Tommy gun that summarizes this whole movie.

Capone is a small scale handsomely shot movie that looks like an Oscar contender. It has an actor covered in make-up and prosthetics playing a notorious man in history. But even the blatantly pandering Darkest Hour and horribly edited Bohemian Rhapsody knows that you’re still going to need a coherent story to hook in voters.

Capone (2020)


Capone is a Tom Hardy acting showcase disguised as a movie, resulting in a pointless biopic and crime drama.

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