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Cherry Review: Bloated, Boring, and Miscast

Cherry Review: Bloated, Boring, and Miscast

Watching Cherry is like having a conversation with a pretentious person who says a lot of word salad.

Here’s the deal: “Cherry” is an aimless young man who falls in love, signs-up for the military, gets married, becomes a combat medic for two years, suffers PTSD, gets addicted to heroin, robs a bunch of banks, and goes to jail.

This unnecessarily elaborate and long plot goes through hot button topics – war, trauma, drug addiction, crime – and says nothing interesting or compelling about any of them. It only tells you that a guy experienced it all. He makes bad decisions and bad things happen to him.

What’s eating Cherry? You never know because nothing in this movie is remotely believable. In one scene, he covers his face with a bouquet of flowers, robs a bank, and walks out with two thick wads of cash. It’s as if the Russo brothers don’t know how to portray real people and real situations.

Tom Holland leaves Peter Parker behind and shows a range of emotions. He’s sorely miscast. There’s no depth in his character, just a vehicle for Holland to stretch his dramatic chops outside of MCU. There’s never a moment where Cherry feels like a person that’s worth emotionally investing in. All the characters are simplistic.

They’re all in an over-stylized movie where each chapter has a different tone. On top of that, you also have straight-to-camera narration and a self-aware sense of humor. Cherry is a collection of cliches told in a six-chapter novel with a prologue, epilogue, and overused voice-over narration.

In the end, Cherry manages to survive and Tom Holland looks like a 17-year-old made to look like an unconvincing 40-year-old. The mustache does not look good.

Cherry takes on too much and takes too long without saying anything worth watching. Nothing in this movie works. The storytelling is unfocused. The commentary is shallow. The actors are miscast. The tone is jumbled. The visuals are overcooked.

You’re better off watching Requiem for a Dream, Trainspotting, and Place Beyond the Pines.



Cherry is five derivative stories all crammed into one overlong, overwrought, and underwhelming drama that has nothing interesting to say.

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