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Colossal Review: Inventive But Uneven

Colossal Review: Inventive But Uneven

Maturity has no correlation with age. There are plenty of grown-ups whose mentality hasn’t graduated from college, high school, or worse elementary. Colossal offers a coming-of-age story for thirty-something trainwrecks.

It’s the age-old tale of a troubled adult going back home to get their shit together but here, Nacho Vigolondo adds a unique twist using Kaijus. While the movie is marketed as a comedy, the plot goes into dark unpredictable turns so you don’t quite know where the story is gonna go.

Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis deliver solid performances here. Hathaway makes the best out of the material she’s given, while Sudeikis proves to be a good actor in his post SNL career.

It’s clear that Colossal is trying to say something deep but fails because it doesn’t fully commit to its bizarre premise.

You can see that the movie wants to tell an allegorical tale involving monsters but doesn’t follow through with this concept. We don’t even know what Gloria is being redeemed from because the movie doesn’t dive deep enough into her character and let her truly wrestle with her own demons. Instead, she’s pitted against a vaguely defined villain.

The characters are underdeveloped – an alcoholic that passes out conveniently for the plot to take its bizarre turn and a nice guy douchebag who’s a bitter emotionally abusive asshole. The rest of the characters are either useless or annoying.

Aside from the gaping plot holes, the movie is tonally uneven. Vigalondo is unable to tie the human and fantastical elements together. It’s also puzzling what this movie is for – its not weird enough to be an arthouse indie yet it’s too weird to be a commercial film.

Colossal tries to end with an emotionally satisfying finish, but it’s not wholly convincing.

Colossal is a quirky and unique movie for thirty-somethings. However, once the movie’s trick is revealed, it becomes a forgettable story about self-absorbed adults.



Colossal is an inventive coming-of-age tale for thirty-something trainwrecks, but its uneven script and poorly defined characters turn it into a movie about self-absorbed adults.

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