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Cosmopolis Review: Stillborn DeLillo Adaptation

Movie Review: Cosmopolis

Cosmopolis is a well-directed and stylish film. The corporate sleekness of American Psycho, precise direction and stunning cinematography makes this a visually arresting film. There’s relatively no story here, but the scenes run on a certain flow that makes you want to stay and watch.

The whole cast is good. Sarah Gadon was able to portray a character that matched her lines. Paul Giamatti made his existential mutterings sound profound and elevated the ending.  Surprisingly, Pattinson is decent in this film.

Unfortunately, he and the cast are trapped in a cerebral and hyper-articulate world. Most of the scenes take place in a stretch limousine with a revolving door of characters. Everybody has a lot to say, but whether they actually mean something is uncertain. The dialogues are monologues of intellectual statements and tech babbles.

The question is, why should the audience be interested in a billionaire en route to his preferred barber as cheats and loses all his fortune along the way? Oh right, there’s a bunch of talking heads here. So what are these treatises about life, death, sex, and money mean in the end?




Cosmopolis is a well-acted and stylish but meandering story that's no more than pretentious talking points in a limo. 

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