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Don Jon Review: Amiable Directorial Debut of JGL

Movie Review: Don Jon

Joseph Gorden Levitt makes a movie and casts himself in a story where he has sex with Scarlett Johansson. Don Jon has something more going on at least.

Jon can lay the pipe every weekend, but he is still addicted to porn.

The film plays a loop of routine that establishes its shallow titular character. It barely scratches the surface of its protagonist’s porn addiction, but it’s clear that Jon is a classic douche bro with a self-centered father and over-accomodating mother.

Jon finally meets his match with Barbara (Scarlett Johansson), his faux-humble gum-chewing sex pot counterpart. She’s able to convince him to change his routine – have a relationship and get classes – but that doesn’t stop him from late-night fapping.

Nuanced performances make these caricatures tolerable. A recognizable human being appears in the form of the pot-smoking classmate Esther. Levitt injects sincerity and wisely avoids becoming preachy about the moral message of his film. A wiser older woman sheds light on the real reason why he only gets off on porn.

Jon learns his lessons with, of course, good sex.

Don Jon is self-indulgent and repetitive, but it’s a funny look at a single-minded douche bro. He’s less self-centered in the end and the movie admits he’s a work in progress.

Don Jon


Don Jon is self-indulgent but smart enough to be a funny indictment of douche bros.

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