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Dreamland Review: Brilliant Margot Robbie in a Boring Melodrama


If you found someone as gorgeous as Margot Robbie in an abandoned barn, you’ll probably help her too. Unfortunately, this outlaw tale never takes off. Robbie’s tears can’t bring this movie to life and remain as dry as its arid Depression-era backdrop.

“It’s just like one of these books, except I’m the man in the hat”, Allison (Margot Robbie) says by way of introduction after seeing his comics. Eugene (Finn Cole) is pulled in.

These characters don’t have any believable drive or motivation so there’s no good reason to invest in their journey.

The supporting cast is poorly drawn too. The movie tries to paint George Evans (Travis Fimmel) as a boorish replacement for Eugene’s father, but you just feel sorry for the guy in having a mopey stepson yearning for an alcoholic deadbeat.

It’s child’s play for Allison Wells to convince him to help her escape. Margot Robbie steals the spotlight and managed to rise above the weak script through sheer star power and solid performance while the rest didn’t stand a chance.

Unfortunately, this attempt at Bonnie and Clyde is too little too late.

There is something here about unreliable narrators, legends, and the great escape. There’s otherworldly loneliness of living in a desolate landscape thanks to Malick-esque sprawling cinematography.

But there are no gripping twists and turns in this thriller. No big lessons to learn in this small-town story. No characters to root for in this fugitive drama.

Actors can carry a movie on their backs, but even talent has its limits.



Dreamland proves that Margot Robbie can carry a movie with her star power, but even her talents can't save this pretentious bore.

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