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Eddie the Eagle Review: Hollywoodized True-to-Life Story

Movie Review: Eddie the Eagle

Everyone likes an underdog movie because it requires a low emotional risk yet offers a high validating reward. Eddie the Eagle is able to deliver this kind of movie with two talented leads.

Taron Edgerton, sporting an overbite and a habit of stooping, is affable as the persistent Eddie. Hugh Jackman proves to be a good foil as the reluctant coach. While Edgerton is the lead, Jackman’s character is what makes their dynamic work.

When the two try their best to conquer the slopes, there’s a clear sense of danger and exhilaration thanks to the camera work. The director is able to capture the tension of making the jump, which leads to rewarding moments of flight.

Eddie the Eagle doesn’t miss a beat, delivering every moment to lift up your spirits through the journey of an amateur. This adaptation is only concerned with its titular character as the misfit turned ski jumping sensation not the person underneath.

It’s not surprising to learn that this is a heavily fictionalized story. When not doling out cliches the movie exaggerates everything.

The coach is a washed-up former ski jumper whose career was derailed by ego and alcohol. He has odd teaching methods, which entails putting Eddie on top of an old moving van. The awkward ginger has to deal with the usual bullies, including Swedish players who don’t have any reservations about going naked.

Eddie’s story doesn’t have a shoehorned love interest, but he’s immediately seduced by an older woman who conveniently lets him stay in a restaurant in exchange for late-night “visits”.

Of course, Eddie rises above the occasion and succeeds in the end.

There is a brief moment when the movie poses an interesting question – should the Olympics uphold strict standards in favor of professional athletes or welcome the amateurs to celebrate the human spirit, as what competitions are intended for? But this movie is more concerned about making a myth.

To be fair, you already know how this story is going to turn out by the trailer alone. Eddie the Eagle is a typical Hollywoodized feel-good movie.

Eddie the Eagle


Eddie the Eagle is a feel-good movie with good performances, as long you ignore that its a Hollywoodized true-to-life story. 

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