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Edge of Tomorrow Review: Watchable Sci-fi Nonsense

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Blockbuster flicks are dime a dozen, but once in a while, you get one that’s worth the movie ticket and a bucket of popcorn.

The director makes the most out of its premise while staying close to the narrative. The script is purposeful and well-written. As a result Cage’s journey, as well as the romance, develops organically.

The cast delivers great performances, with Tom Cruise proving that he can still carry a blockbuster film on his aging shoulders. Fortunately, the film didn’t reduce them to stereotypes. Cage is not a reckless idiot that always gets saved and schooled by the bombshell, whose tough exterior is broken down by his endearing foolishness.

Emily Blunt proves that she’s a versatile actress who can do well in action as much as in a comedy and drama. Tom Cruise is pretty much game for any action you throw at him even if it’s in a hundred-pound suit.

There are serious ideas here that are barely touched – the eventual tediousness of immortality, war-weariness, and the futility of war. But these ideas are better off tackled by a serious film. Edge of Tomorrow is a blockbuster flick.

Edge of Tomorrow lacks the sophisticated sheen of Looper but it provides enjoyable mindless fun by making a little more effort to be more than just a generic blockbuster.

Edge of Tomorrow


The Edge of Tomorrow is a funny, and entertaining loopy sci-fi flick thanks to a well-written script. 

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