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Frozen Review: A Typical Disney Tale with a Family Twist

Movie Review: Frozen

Frozen is Disney’s attempt to make a change without shaking things up.

Frozen puts a modern twist to the fairytale and focuses on two sisters. Rather than the old-fashioned happily ever after of a prince and a princess, you have princess siblings Anna and Elsa.

After a devastating turn of events, Elsa becomes Queen and finds herself struggling to contain her icy powers more than ever. One night after an argument with her sister, she accidentally unleashes her power and engulfs Arendelle in eternal winter. Elsa leaves the palace to isolates herself and Anna ventures out to find her.

As one can expect from a Disney production, the animation and sound design are detailed. From the way deep snow interacts with characters to the creation of Elsa’s ice castle, everything has a realistic quality to it.

The voice acting is great all around, with Kristen Bell holding how her own against Broadway stars Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Joshua Gad.

The songs are not ensemble pieces like in previous films, but they are catchy and character-driven. You have power anthems, pop-tunes, and duets. Expect “Let it Go” and “Do you want to build a Snowman?” to be sung by children at any given opportunity.

While Disney puts a different twist to the “kiss”, Frozen is still as Disneyfied as any other Disney film. Anna goes on a formulaic hero journey where she meets her love interest and his pet and an inanimate object come to life.

Disney is a megacorporation that will never do anything to compromise its market share. Frozen is just another Disney tale with a plot twist. But within these restricted parameters, the movie remains to be a wonderful tale about sisterhood and familial love.



Frozen is a delightful tale about sisterhood with catchy songs that will take over children's lives and assault parents' ears, but don't expect it to break the Disney mold.

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