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Green Lantern Review: A 200-Million Dollar Joke

Movie Review: Green Lantern

Everything in Green Lantern is done so poorly that you wonder why Ryan Reynolds signed up for this.

The story has two different timelines. On earth, there’s reckless irresponsible Hal Jordan troubled by his daddy issues. He then receives a ring from a purple dying alien who happens to be a member of an elite outer space police called The Green Lantern Corps and becomes the new recruit.

In an opposite turn of fate, Hector gets infected when examining the alien’s body and develops a power of his own. In outer space Parallax escapes, roams around for 6 months, and finally pings the Corps radar after wreaking havoc in the universe.

Sinestro spearheads the mission to defeat the menace but his efforts proved to be useless (even though Green Lanterns were supposedly fearless), learning the truth about what Parallax really is in the process. In the end, it’s up to Hal to man up and save the universe.

The movie jumps between these two timelines haphazardly. The characters move the story along but they aren’t well written, resulting in Hal’s forgettable transformation and super-powered self-actualization.

I couldn’t take Hal seriously, especially when he needed this advice from Ms. Captain Obvious love interest Carol – courage can overcome fear.

Ryan Reynolds tries his best to be the troubled guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders but he isn’t convincing. Much less convincing is the supposed supervillain Parallax, who looks like a giant poo monster.

Their showdown is boring and dumb, with basic science thrown out the window that the Sun is a mile away and the asteroid belt has somehow turned up between Earth and Venus.

It doesn’t help that the CGI is extremely cheesy. Using it on Green Lantern’s suit guarantees that it will be a pop culture joke. It’s as if the creators behind this film assumed that audiences will fall for anything drenched in special effects.

The only silver lining in this movie is fine performances by Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, and Angela Bassett. But this isn’t enough to save Green Lantern.

Green Lantern is a superhero movie made by people who clearly don’t care. Let’s hope they don’t make a sequel.

Green Lantern


Green Lantern is a confusing, cheesy, and overproduced mess that's better off forgotten.

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