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Guardians of the Galaxy Review: Enjoyable Space Adventure

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

A gang of criminals is pulled into each other’s orbit because of the infinity stone, which is also coveted by Ronan The Accuser. The least likely heroes are forced to work together and set aside their excess baggage to defeat a monomaniac from using the stone to further his imperialistic ambitions.

This sounds like low-tier The Avengers from Outer Space, but thanks to being an MCU property GOTG gets access to bonuses that elevate the generic narrative. It has great casting, high-production value, the best CGI money can buy, and a built-in fanbase.

The “guardians” are easily endearing thanks to great performances that you’ll care about a raccoon and a tree, even if you haven’t read any of the comic books. The movie inherited Marvel’s villain problem, but fortunately, Lee Pace makes Ronan sinister enough.

The usual doom and gloom are offset by the script’s sense of humor and catchy soundtrack. The easily digestible narrative is enough to give the action and plot a purpose. There’s colorful space action, group banter, and nostalgia music to enjoy here, even if you’re kids don’t know any of the tracks.

Guardians of the Galaxy is not as strong as any of the MCU features from the pioneers and it has no re-watch value, but it’s a serviceable enough choice at the theaters with the family.

Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy is a mediocre yet enjoyable space outlaw adventure movie that benefits from the perks of being an MCU property. 

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