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Hanna Review: Exhilarating Revenge Fairytale

Movie Review: Hanna

Hanna is an interesting revenge thriller with themes borrowed from a Gothic fairy tale. Instead of an adult agent burned out by the CIA, you have a young girl bred to become the perfect soldier.

Saoirse Ronan is perfect as the ethereal and multilingual assassin who goes out into the real world on the hunt for the evil witch.

The plot doesn’t take long to take off and with a flick of a switch, the movie is set in motion. You get sucked into the momentum of nicely choreographed crisp action scenes. The movie also has some funny moments as Hanna encounters normal life – boys, friendship, and family.

The visuals of the film is captivating. There’s a cabin in the snowy woods and an abandoned Grimm inspired amusement park to complete its take on a modern fairy tale.

But while Hanna succeeds as a thriller that will make you regret taking a bathroom break, there’s nothing much beneath the surface.

There’s little characterization. Erik Bana makes the best of what he’s given while Cate Blanchett is over the top (although it worked in one scene in the end). The rest of the characters are cliches.

The narrative is inconsistent. In one scene Hanna is overwhelmed by technology and doesn’t even know what electricity is. But later on, she uses the computer and searches the internet without a problem.

There’s nothing much to Hanna. You don’t get anything else out of the movie except a girl brought up and honed to kill.

In the end, the movie feels like a cat and mouse chase where the players are nothing beyond the task they were given. But Hanna is still a stylish gripping revenge thriller with a nice soundtrack.



Hanna is an intriguing and gripping mash-up between a revenge thriller and a gothic fairytale but feels as empty as an easy kill.

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