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Haywire Review: Lean Pulse-pounding Action Movie

Movie Review: Haywire

Gina Carano plays an operative who works for a private contractor. After a successful stint, she gets double-crossed and left for dead. With all the famous assassins on her tail, she must find out the truth to survive.

Haywire is made to deliver in the simplest but most effective way. It easily looks like a B-movie but distills from the best in its genre to make a good action movie. It has the aesthetics of European crime drama with the thrills of a Hong Kong action flick.

Sparse yet effective film score, well-choreographed action scenes, and all-out brawls deliver an adrenaline-pumping movie. With a former MMA fighter as the protagonist, the showdowns and takedowns look realistic.

The movie is built around the capabilities of its lead and the use of her fighting experience, so you can’t expect anything beyond a string of action sequences.

But Haywire is self-aware of what it’s selling. It’s a brisk action film stripped down to its bare essentials to deliver ass-kicking in every frame.



Haywire is an effective blend of 90s Hong Kong action movie thrills with 70s Euro-crime drama aesthetics lead by a well-cast lead.

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