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Headhunters Review: Coen Brothers-esque Slick Thriller

Movie Review: Headhunters

Headhunters is part cat-and-mouse chase and part art heist.  The film brisks through an exciting plot of bloody yet funny twists and turns. It’s reminiscent of the Coen Brother’s style with a splash of gore.

The whole cast is great. Aksel Hennie is believable as the amoral yet likable art thief Roger Brown. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is sinister and suave as the surveillance tech innovator Clas Greve. Along with him are a group of quirky supporting characters who tears Roger’s sleek and orderly world apart.

The film treads on familiar elements – the hunter becomes the hunted and chased by a host of villains, whom he outsmarts in the end through a “calculated” (mostly implausible) series of events. The anti-hero becomes indestructible at every fatal encounter.

In spite of this, Headhunters is an enjoyable film that tackles the dangers of an insecure ego.



Headhunters tread on familiar ground, but its wicked humor, great performances, and fun plot twists make an entertaining grisly thriller.

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