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Insidious Review: Fun Haunted House Thrill Ride

Movie Review: Insidious (Spoiler Alert)

Watching Insidious is like going to a haunted house in an amusement park.

The movie starts with classic hints of a creepy disturbance – missing box, toppled books, and of course one of the kids saw something.  Then things got steadily worse for the family as one of the kids got into a mysterious coma after they had just moved into a new house.

Voices, strange appearances, and some ominous presence disturb the wife, while the husband stays at work to avoid the problem. The other kids were also getting creeped out. After one night when the haunting just got too much, they finally moved out. But it turns the house isn’t the source of their problem.

Lighting, camera work, and sound effects provide some efficient scares. Cast performances help in making the formulaic narrative tolerable.

Insidious use demonic possession in a way that you wouldn’t expect. But once the plot twist is revealed, the movie becomes more silly than scary towards the end.

Nonetheless, it’s a nifty horror movie that makes an effort to do more than standard-issue scares with its own bag of tricks.



Insidious is a haunted house thrill ride with memorable imagery despite its formulaic narrative.

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