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Jurassic World Review: Forgettable Distraction

Movie Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic Park is re-packaged into a generic blockbuster that is Jurassic World.

In Jurassic World, Island Nublar is a theme park of dinosaurs. Even though the initial attempt was a disaster even before it became fully operational, investors still thought that this idea would be big business. So, the Indominus Rex is created as the new headliner. Other dinosaurs are thrown into the mix to create a death trap.

The kids are a pair of brothers – a hormonal teen and a dinosaur geek – played by forgettable young actors. The hero is a low-rent India Jones (with a leather vest instead of a hat) played by a buffed Chris Pratt, whose love interest is a female uppity corporate flack turned badass in heels who need a man to fulfill her life played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

In Jurassic Park, characters contemplate about Dr. Hammond’s misguided efforts and deal with the consequences. In Jurassic World, they watch dinosaurs fight each other and run before they become appetizers after the CGI’d monsters – predictably – run amok as the new T-Rex escapes.

The plot is an overlong hunt where developments appear out of thin air and the characters have an uncanny ability to get themselves in danger.

Jurassic World makes numerous callbacks from the first film to pander to the built-in fanbase. Instead of a car, there’s a gyroscope, where the kids get tossed around as a dino tries to brake the vehicle and get to the screaming snacks inside. 

You won’t really care because all the characters are flat and dead-eyed. With no one to root for, you’re left with entertaining but forgettable action of well-rendered dinosaurs that don’t have the inventiveness of the original.

Jurassic World is grand scale mediocrity, but it will keep the kids entertained long enough so the parents can have some peace.

Jurassic World


Jurassic World repackages the thrills of Jurassic Park into a mediocre blockbuster with a generic action-adventure of forgettable characters.

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