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Keanu Review: Glorified Key & Peele Sketch

Movie Review: Keanu

Anyone who has seen John Wick will remember one thing more than anything in the Keanu Reeves comeback action movie: the bitch who launched a thousand bullets.

The bitch in this story is not a beagle named Daisy, but a tabby kitten named Keanu instead.

Fans of Key and Peele will finally see them in a feature-length film. While it does have everything that you expect from the comedy sketch duo, the scant source material never lets them take off.

Keanu is about two guys trying to get their pussycat back. The rest of the plot is as generic as that premise, filled with jokes that Key and Peele have become known for. It doesn’t take long for Keanu to get involved with gangsters and drug dealers which enables the comedy duo to make jokes about black stereotypes and American culture.

Unfortunately, even these jokes are lacking. Two straight-laced cousins pretending to be gangsters – tectonic and shark tank – produce B-grade vignettes, especially when you consider that Key and Peele have produced incisive and insightful sketches on their TV show.

The two ham it up anyway and commit to the story, which makes the whole movie intermittently entertaining. The rest of the supporting cast is also decent enough, even though they too were pegged into forgettable stereotypes because of the thin material.

Unfortunately, the talent of the cast isn’t enough to compensate for the uninspired script. In the end, Keanu is just a sketch stretched to a 100-minute feature-length film filled with forgettable jokes. You’re better off watching Key and Peele sketches on YouTube which are undoubtedly funnier than this.


Keanu is a glorified Key and Peele skit blown up into a feature-length film that offers none of the comedy duo's incisive humor.

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