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Kill Switch Review: Badly Executed First POV Sci-fi Flick

Kill Switch Review: Badly Executed First POV Sci-fi Flick

Kill Switch (also known as Redivider) presents its own version of a first-person shot movie, a method that was first done by Hardcore Henry with head-mounted Go Pros. The result is much worse as the movie gets sabotaged by its own shtick. 

The underused cast is stuck with underdeveloped avatars in a quest. You have a physicist on a time-limited mission who makes stupid decisions to stage inept action sequences. He becomes a tour guide to a derivative post-apocalyptic world and simply reacts to things that happen around him. 

The villain is simplistic and conveniently incompetent. You get another shady corporation with seemingly good intentions wrapped around a bad idea. The science is so hokey that even a person with Wikipedia knowledge of the parallel universe will see it as bullshit. There are also underground rebels, but they’re just used as a plot device.

The result is a B-movie with a half-baked script. The worst part here is that without the videogame style plot that’s attached to a first-person POV, Kill Switch has potential.

Sacrificing one world for another for human survival is a potent idea. There are ethical and moral dilemmas that its reliable cast can tackle. If they don’t want a thinking movie, they can still deliver an enjoyable action/sci-fi flick without being limited by video game tropes. Unfortunately, the makers behind Kill Switch just wants to make money out of novelty.

Kill Switch


Sabotaged by a first-person video game style execution, Kill Switch is an uninvolving, blatantly contrived, and badly executed sci-fi flick.

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