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Kingsman: The Secret Service Review – Spy Movie for Edgelords

Movie Review: Kingsman – The Secret Service

Kingsman: Secret Service attempts to put some fun in the spy genre.

The casting is perfect, with plenty of posh suave from Colin Firth. Taron Egerton is a likable chap, Samuel Jackson is entertaining as always (although the effect does wear off as he piles on the affectations), and the rest do well with what they’re given.

The rest of Kingsman, however, isn’t much. 

Kingsman: The Secret Service disappointingly deviates from the comics. It’s also a semi-entertaining spy movie that shoots itself in the foot with tastelessness and misogyny. 

The lead was given time to develop, but Eggsy’s training was useless and merely used for laughs. Action sequences had verve, but they’re just over-stylized meaningless violence. There were females in the cast, but they were just used as props. The villain uses biotechnology that reflects modern warfare, but his practical idea is dumbed down into a stupid plan (despite being a tech geek millionaire). 

Kingsman provides mindless entertainment that a teen boy would think of as edgy. 

Kingsman: Secret Service


Kingsman: The Secret Service is a tasteless semi-entertaining spy movie with a charming cast. 

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