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Movie Review: Life After Beth

Like a zombie shuffling along the road slowly baking under the sun, Life After Beth is a listless and unengaging film that plods along with a half-baked script and barely developed characters.

After his girlfriend unexpectedly dies, Zach is devastated. However, he gets a second chance at love after she rises from the dead.

Life After Beth had a promising start. The mood and music of the film reflected Zach’s (played by Dane DeHaan) grief pretty well and matched the turn of events after.

After catching a glimpse of his dead girlfriend through the window of her parents’ house, Zach discovers that Beth (played by Aubrey Plaza) is undead.

The zombie concept is overused and the genre is saturated, but this is probably the first time that it’s used to reflect a relationship.

Unfortunately it soon became obvious that this movie has nothing new to add (the best idea it came up with is the zombie’s weird fascination with Jazz music). It doesn’t even develop its own premise into something engaging.

For example, the relationship is on the rocks before Beth died but its not shown. You won’t know what it’s like in the first place so it lacks credibility. When they do get a second chance at romance, they didn’t do anything more interesting than what they’ve already done.

These and other half-assed plot points fill the movie. The dialogue is used as a crutch to fill in the gaps. The cast is made up of nearly blank characters and they’ve got nothing to do. The comedic talents are criminally underused. Even the zombies just hang around in a zombiepocalypse that’s nothing more than a passing event where little happens and the audience is expected to assume that the world went to shit offscreen.

Dane DeHaan did well but he looks too intense for the role. A mopey average awkward guy like Eisenberg (Sorry Cera, I’m tired of your shtick) would have been a better fit. Aubrey Plaza was great in showing a range of flipping emotions, but her character is as disposable as the rest.

Combine all of these and you get a movie that just plods along, like a zombie that’s just there. When this rom-zom-com finally ends, with nothing interesting to takeaway and no one to care for, it doesn’t matter when Zach moves on.

My Rating: 4/10

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