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Looper Review: Thrilling Blend of Sci-fi and Old Fashioned Action

Movie Review: Looper

By just reading the title of the movie, you already have an idea of what you’re in for. Looper has an original take on time travel and a thought-provoking story. The plot is also well-executed, and the first half of the film delivers a stylish film noir in the future.

The whole cast was great in the film. JGL delivered a good impression of Bruce Willis, who in turn delivered another action role but with a more nuanced character.

However, the frantic editing masks some notable flaws in the film. The director doesn’t seem to know what to do with female characters, placing them in the movie as nothing but male support systems.

It suffers from cliches near the end – the getaway vehicle starts in the nick of time, the assassin suddenly misses his shots, and the lead conveniently gets the right piece of a clue.

One of the most common pitfalls of sci-fi films is that the director ends up letting go of the rules established for the movie in favor of making an impact (see: Source Code). Looper suffers the same fate.

These flaws aside,  Looper is still an entertaining movie that’s both mentally and emotionally engaging. It’s not just about time travel, but the vicious cycle that people get themselves into by making the same mistakes.



Despite its convoluted time loops, Looper is a smart and entertaining sci-fi crime thriller with emotional depth.

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