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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Review – A Rollicking Good Time

Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible is the franchise that no one questions on how many more of these are they going to make.

With an easy to follow story, thrilling action sequences and a sense of humor, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol works. Tom brings his game on – you can call him crazy but he definitely knows how to carry a movie.

The rest of the cast didn’t disappoint too even though they don’t have much to work with. Simon Pegg provided the laughs, Paula Patton is believably kick ass, and Jeremy Renner proved to be an ambiguous ally. The villains here are not just sinister but also smart, which makes the mission much more interesting.

Overall, the whole movie is a thrill ride all in good fun. The movie manages to set up and pull off all these crazy sequences. You’re guaranteed to get swept away that when Tom climbs up on one of the tallest buildings in the world with sticky gloves, you can’t look down.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a preposterously fun self-contained spy action-adventure movie that injects newfound energy into a 15 yr old series.

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