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Oculus Review: An Almost Good Horror Movie

Movie Review: Oculus

Oculus has a fresh twist to the evil mirror story – the haunted is one out for vengeance.

Kaylie attempts to capture the big bad on video, whom she thinks is really responsible for the death of her parents. Tim, who got the blame as a kid, just wants to move on but soon gets his skepticism tested.

The film delivers scares through dread and uneasiness by manipulating its characters’ minds. Intersecting past childhood recollections and the present, Oculus blurs the line between reality and perception.

However, the scares become too familiar as the film picks up the pace. Oculus tells us that people who are cooped up are susceptible to unseen forces. This would have been forgivable if the vengeful spirit is memorable. The big bad in Oculus is just the typical long-haired creepy eyed ghost who has managed to get some “friends” along the way.

Overall Oculus offers a different spin on a familiar horror story until it peters out into a mediocre horror movie.



Oculus is a plodding mediocre atmospheric horror movie that doesn't have the conviction to make the most of its original premise. 

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