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Raid 2: Berandal Review – Old School Gangster Movie Done Right

Movie Review: Raid 2 – Berandal

Raid 2 improves upon the shortcomings of the original, taking its time to set-up a story and present its new Tarantino-esque characters.

It expands the nominal setting, taking the audience into a world run by organized gangs – body dumping sites, swanky headquarters, rivalries, territorial disputes, and corrupt police officials.

Rama goes undercover to bring down a syndicate and uncover corruption within the police force.

The sequel comes with the same inventive camera work. The film creates clear action sequences despite more enemies and wider sets where the lead could have easily gotten lost in the fray. New characters and locations add more interesting choreographed fight scenes. Apart from the bone-breaking and limb twisting martial arts, you also get different hack, bash, and smash ways to do the job.

The rest of the movie is conventional and Iko Uwais plays a character with infinite stamina. But you’ll still follow him as he fights through a number of highly-skilled mini-bosses. The movie’s tour de force – a one of one fight scene in the kitchen with Karambit.

Raid 2: Berandal is a gangster movie with some of the best action set pieces in modern cinema. And sometimes that’s all you need – a simple and straightforward movie that delivers over the top yet entertaining violence that makes you give a sigh of relief when the lead limps away in one piece.

Raid 2: Berandal


Raid 2 is an expansive sequel of gangs and turf wars with brilliantly executed action scenes that will make you hold your breath.

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