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Sausage Party Review: A Mixed Bag of Comedy

Movie Review: Sausage Party

For the most part, The Sausage Party is onto something.

Turning a supermarket into an insulated world with devoted but brainwashed believers is a clever allegory on religion and tribalism. The movie acknowledges that both non-believers and believers are abrasive.

The animation borrows from Disney elements – the opening song number, the epic journey of a protagonist that ends in a showdown, and the mickey mouse gloves.

This turns the movie into an entertaining parody with the insanity of the raunchy comedy. In one scene where the wieners finally found out the truth, a potato getting skinned alive becomes a twisted yet hilarious moment.

The voice acting is great in bringing the foodstuffs to life. They’re believable as anthropomorphized inanimate objects that can only be seen by humans when they get high on bath salts.

It’s amusing until the relentless low bro humor gets in the way of a surprisingly smart and subversive animated film (there’s a villain who is a literal douche). Clearly the writers have mistaken references for jokes, like a lavash having a beef with a bagel that’s a jab at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This lazy stereotyping undermines whatever ideas it wants to convey in an attempt to deliver something deeper than its crude humor showcases.

On the other hand, it can be argued that humor is subjective. The Sausage Party is vulgar for vulgar’s sake which prevents its distinctive ideas from shining through, but it could be entertaining for those inclined to enjoy its crude wrappings.

Sausage Party


Sausage Party is 89 minutes of relentless bro-tastic frat jokes that undermine its subversive streak.

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