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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Dull Carbon Copy

Movie Review: Sin City – A Dame to Kill For

Sin City is your boilerplate noir in a comic book world. It’s so loyal to the material that the only thing missing is a thought bubble. While the original proved to be fascinating despite the sleaze, the sequel is an uninspired carbon copy.

A new dubious cast is featured with a few familiar faces. Their stories has no impact as each narrative lacks the morbid humor and human interest of the first movie.

A big chunk of the film revolves around the trite seductress trope. The other stories are uneventful, including a pointless pursuit of a gambler who beats his old man at poker even though the latter has bent his fingers out of shape because of a bitter loss. Guess how that ended.

With nothing going for it, the whole film drags on. The voice-over narration in the original was tolerable because the storyline was engaging enough. This time it just sounded like the musings of a brooding angsty kid with delusions of poetic grandeur.

The monochromatic visuals come with silver specked blood that looked more like bird shit. With no one to invest in and the same old shtick, the whole film is flat and lifeless.

Its only saving grace is Eva Green, who is able to elevate her character by embracing the campy-ness of the whole thing. The rest of the actors weren’t clued in. Surprisingly, Lady Gaga’s character is the only recognizable human in this film even though it’s just a cameo.

That isn’t enough to save the sequel. There’s nothing to compensate for its cliches, stereotypes, and voyeuristic bent. Everybody is shady as hell. Sin City is a shit hole blah blah blah.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is forgettable, dull, and monotonous.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill for


Sin City 2 tries to ride on the novelty of the original with an uninspired, dull, and monotonous script. 

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