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Sisters Review: Unfunny Party Movie for 40-Somethings

Movie Review: Sisters

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have no similarities whatsoever to look like sisters, but they have the chemistry to make the movie work. Their scenes together feel genuine enough to make Sisters look like a movie about sisters or two funny females who have that bond.

While the movie doesn’t waste time to follow through with its premise, the talented cast is stuck in an ill-conceived and generic party movie.

An old couple decides to retire into a swanky community and sell their house, but their forty-something kids come out of the woodwork to stop them. Two sisters intentionally come up with a plan to trash their childhood home so they can inherit it, inspired by a room that hasn’t been cleaned yet stayed clean for 20 years.

This plan by the way is Ellis Island Revamped, a reunion party with the high school gang. In fairness, a party movie featuring two 40-year old women hasn’t been done before.

However, the movie doesn’t take advantage of the talented cast to churn fresh humor (or at least some funny material) out of its already typical set-up. There’s a repetitive display of crude jokes and high school party hijinks, while the female leads try to reclaim their lost youth.

Tina Fey is miscast as the has been the wild one who refuses to get her shit together. Amy Poehler plays the overly nice boring opposite who wants to help everyone even if they don’t need it.

The rest of the supporting players are an unlikeable bunch – Maya Rudolph plays Brinda the grown-up mean girl; Bobby Moynihan plays Alex the obnoxious attention-seeker desperate for a laugh; John Leguizamo plays Dave the loser; Kate McKinnon plays Sam the stereotypical lesbian, and Rachel Dratch plays Kelly the sad old sack.

There’s a Korean actress(es? I dunno they barely register) here but she’s a stereotype. The rest lack any nuance to register. Ike Barinholtz is charming enough but ends up in an overlong joke and his character has no chemistry with Maura. John Cena is the only one amusing as a drug dealer.

These characters let loose and accomplish the sisters’ plan in unsurprising ways, until the movie peaks into a literal climax of letting go. Even though Kate is strapped for a cash, racking up to $200,000 of property damage isn’t much of an issue as the rest of the characters are loaded. The party movie finishes with a neatly wrapped up ending where life lessons are finally learned.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler look like they’re having fun here. They can finally sex it up after playing undersexed workaholics in their respective shows. Sadly, they’re stuck in an unfunny movie.

If you’re into low brow humor that includes dick jokes and a bunch of middle-aged adults acting like drunk teenagers, then this is for you. If you want something more that showcases the talents of its cast, then just watch your favorite Saturday Night Live sketch.



Tina Fey and Amy Poehler can't save Sisters, an overlong repetitive, and generic party movie for middle-aged adults.  

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