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The Avengers: Age of Ultron Review – Action-packed Mess

Movie Review: The Avengers 2 – Age of Ultron

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron starts off with a bang that can make every fanboy have a nerdgasm.

The witty banter and character interplay remain intact, providing a lot of funny moments in the film. Hawkeye is given his time to shine and presents a stable home life that his superpowered teammates don’t have.

Age of Ultron has spectacular team coordinated action pieces that are worth seeing in the cinema. It’s able to highlight everyone’s capabilities while simultaneously showing what the Avengers are capable of when they work together.

However as the story moves along, it’s evident that Whedon and Co. are just going through the motions as they tick off another box in the blockbuster checklist. Age of Ultron jumps from one explosive set-piece to the next, leaving everything else half-formed.

Ultron is not engaging nor fun. He appears just in time to be foiled by our heroes. For a robot with superior intelligence, he has very few tricks up his sleeve, mostly involving a wave of drones one after the other. Like cliched self-aware robots, he’s an arrogant misguided entity who sees human beings as pests.

The sequel completely tosses aside the character developments of its cast. The first movie made you care about them as individuals. This sequel treats them as passive employees who just want to do their job.

Captain America and Iron Man lost all the character growth they have developed in their own previous films. Black Widow is reduced into the unrequited love pining for a nice guy with anger issues. Hulk is the same brooding green monster. Thor just hangs around until he has to fly off somewhere else. The new characters – with vague European accents – are just cannon fodder.

But none of that really matters if you only came for the spectacle. Age of Ultron does not match up to the original, people who only came to be entertained won’t notice.

Avengers: Age of Ultron


Age of Ultron has the original's outsized spectacle and wry comedy, as long as you ignore its half-formed ideas, bloated narrative, and neglected characters.  

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