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Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

The film is generic and mildly entertaining at best, but it’s driven by solid performances by Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz.

The Bourne Legacy happens nearly at the same time with Bourne Ultimatum. Basically Jason Bourne causes a security breach. The CIA (even with all its clandestine powers) agrees to shutdown everything (as suggested by Eric Bryer, a retired colonel who’s tasked to do the damage control) instead of covering up their tracks . This time around the agent on the run is Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner. He is joined by Dr. Marta Shearing, a scientist played by Rachel Weisz, whom he rescues along the way.

The cast delivers a good performance with Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz in the lead. Unlike the amnesiac and almost catatonic Jason Bourne you have the mysterious yet affecting Aaron Cross. His love interest is a scientist who later on proves to be more than just a sidekick. They’re subtle romance is appealing enough to root for.

While the characters move the story along, viewers who are not familiar with the previous Bourne films (or may have forgotten them) will get lost in all the dialogue in the first half of the movie. There’s a lot of jargon thrown around and info dump by top rank CIA agents who talk in some workplace lingo.

When the fight scenes finally kick in, they’re ample enough to get your attention. However they lack the inventive action sequences that highlight the previous Bourne films. The main action piece that’s set in Manila does provide a taut action sequence, but its basically just a long chase scene that starts on foot and ends in a motorcycle. Given another location with the same crowded place, you’ll more or less get the same results in a summer blockbuster movie.

Bourne Legacy is nothing less than more of the same. It’s entertaining enough, but ultimately a forgettable side narrative.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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