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The Harvest Review: “Misery” With a Twist

The Harvest Review: Entertaining Domestic Thriller

The Harvest is Misery with a twist.

The cast delivers solid performances and features a pair of young actors that have plenty of potential. Micheal Shannon plays Richard, a good but detached father. Samantha Morton plays Katherine, who’s Dolores Claiborne reincarnated. Natasha Calis plays Maryann, a tomboy yearning for a friend. Charlie Tahan plays Andy, a crippled boy struggling to have a normal childhood.

The narrative does a great job of developing these characters without resorting to tropes and shock value. The parents are not one-dimensionally evil and the friendship between the kids is believable. As the story progresses, you get a sense that there’s more to the overprotective parents while rooting for the children.

The plot is filled with tension and suspense as different characters clash and team up. The reveal comes as a genuine surprise because the movie does a good job of setting up the premise. The implications of this are horrifying and the title of the movie gains a whole new meaning.

The plot twist is conventional and the ending is convenient, but the entire movie is well-executed enough that it becomes a pleasing, albeit typical, thriller.

The Harvest explores the extent of parental devotion and how love can sometimes end up getting used as justification.

The Harvest


The Harvest is an entertaining domestic thriller that tackles the extent of parental devotion thanks to good performances.

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