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The Predator (2018) Review: Too Badly Edited to Enjoy

The Predator (2018) Review: Bad Editing, Bad Everything

Reboots can deliver huge returns for production studios who want to bank on the nostalgia of a tentpole movie, even if no one asked for them. Peter Parker is stuck being a young adult figuring out the responsibility of having powers and reliving the death of his uncle while his aunt gets younger.

So here we are, a 6th Predator movie that promises a newly rebooted franchise. The Predator (2018) has been overshadowed by controversy, but it already has a big problem even before this scandal took over the movie’s press tour. The Boyd Holbrook led franchise is an hour of very bad editing on top of uninspired material.

Sterling K. Brown suddenly wearing glasses in the next frame is not much in isolation. But when the big jumps in logic are combined with continuity issues then stitched into a lazy reboot, the result is the kind of movie that makes you wonder what happened behind the scenes.

We probably won’t know exactly, but it’s clear that The Predator (2018) is a jarringly executed, half-baked military comedy and domestic drama.

There’s affable group chemistry here of a bunch of soldiers shooting the shit. But Shane’s witty banter and character interplay are overshadowed by the plot’s bad trims. The already cardboard characters don’t have the time to register in a narrative moving in the breezy pace of an action movie. What you get is a revolving door of thankless female roles and disposable side characters.

The Predator stumbles along its course, peppered with perfunctory action. We already know what this movie is supposed to do. It could’ve at least offered something coherent that doesn’t look like a failed Netflix movie.

I can see that The Predator (2018) wants to offer something different by adding a more human story rather than just run and gun. Unfortunately, the execution is too horrible to deliver a serviceable albeit cliched action blockbuster.

In the end, it’s another reboot that doesn’t need to exist. The scandal, forgive me for being insensitive, is actually a blessing in disguise for creating negative publicity for a movie that’s not worth watching anyway.

The Predator (2018)


The Predator (2018) is a mess with its haphazard editing, cardboard characters, and perfunctory action tacked on to a lazy excuse for a new franchise.

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