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Trainwreck Review: An Enjoyable Insightful Rom-com

Movie Review: Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a romantic comedy with adequate spoonfuls of realism.

Amy’s story isn’t filled with convenient contrivances and flimsy narrative hurdles. There’s no dashing man or precocious child to jump-start her biological clock. They’re not controlled by a caricature villain – another woman of course – intent on burning her at the stake.

Turning points in Amy’s family, career, and love life force the unapologetic trainwreck to evaluate her choices. She ends up sabotaging her own chances, like what human beings tend to do, out of fear.

Amy Schumer makes her character sympathetic and endearing. Her love interest – Aaron Conners – is just a normal guy but Bill Hader makes him an affable everyman stand-in.

There are a number of cameos here but they all have a purpose. In one scene Aaron is misled into an intervention wherein Marv Albert gives a hilarious play by play account of the whole thing. The rest of the cast serve as amusing foils including an unrecognizable Tilda Swinton. LeBron James makes an earnest debut and John Cena is more than willing to lampoon his character for laughs.

There’s some nifty camerawork that enhances funny moments and tastefully portrays raunchy scenes.

While Trainwreck manages to be a subversive movie that upends tropes without pandering to the feminist audience, it disappointingly devolves into a generic rom-com towards the end. The biting humor gives way to fluffy sentimentality.

The movie is also a tad defensive of her hard-partying ways, unlike the likable Lotharios who don’t need to justify their lecherous ways. The low key shady Nikki (played by Vanessa Bayer) looks like the real one who does it for herself.

Still, Trainwreck is a highly enjoyable movie. Amy is not a modern variation of the damsel in distress who needs to answer the call of her ovaries. Aaron is not a man-child who evolves at the expense of a woman. They’re not surrounded by BFFs who incite a petty gender war that reinforces stereotypes. Both leads have chemistry and the cast helps them carry the film.

Trainwreck treats women as human beings instead of just clueless doting fools, resulting in a relatable story about relationships that just happens to be a romantic comedy.



Trainwreck skewers the rom-com formula with an insightful script that fills this funny movie with a relatable story and characters.

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