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White Lie Review: Kacey Rohl Impresses In Taut Thriller

White Lie Review: Kacey Rohl Impresses In Small-scale Thriller

White Lie involves a ruse that’s far more grave than what its title suggests.

What’s the white lie? Katie (Kacey Rohl) doesn’t have cancer. She has managed to fake her illness by lying and buying prescription bottles. Things are going well until she needs falsified medical records for a grant application.

What follows is a small-scale thriller revolving around a fledgling con artist. The plot does a good job at cranking up the tension as Katie attempts to keep one step ahead of her problems.

White Lie succeeds thanks to a fine performance by Rohl. Katie is adept at coming up with and recalibrating her lies on the spot. And yet you feel bad for this reckless anti-heroine with a troubled past.

When a crooked physician says that she doesn’t look sick enough and informs her what it takes to foolproof her scam, it’s sad. She may not be dying of cancer, but she has created her own costly illness.

There is no rest for the wicked – a social media post forces her to do damage control. Katie is on the verge of losing everything. The impressive film score of deconstructed drum beats and notes helps in keeping you on edge.

Sadly, the film doesn’t really delve into the core of its anti-heroine and lets her off the hook easily. Despite the poor planning and weak lies, Katie is able to weasel her way out of problems.

White Lie is essentially a day in the life of a con artist rather than a potent character study. It doesn’t help that the movie concludes with an anticlimactic non-ending.

Still, White Lie excels as a moment-to-moment thriller that makes you examine empathy. Kacey Rohl makes you root for Katie, but you also want her to get caught for her own sake.

White Lie


White Lie is a watchable small-scale thriller about a day in the life of a fledgling con artist, thanks to an astounding performance by Kacey Rohl.

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