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Wrinkles Review: Thoughtful Look at Old Age

Movie Review: Wrinkles

In the aptly titled movie Wrinkles, we get to see that stage in life that’s isn’t usually tackled in films. The movie gives us an emphatic and nuanced look at old age.

Wrinkles introduce different characters who are living the last stage of their lives with their own quirks brought by senility. The movie doesn’t wallow in grief or resort to melodrama. The subtly horrifying moments are balanced with humor.

This makes for a touching film that shows the beauty and frailty of life. Old people have lived long enough, but that is also when the reality of being old sets in.

The elderly are left in an old folks home built to lure in unsuspecting relatives. They’re taken care of but left to be forgotten. As senility sets in, hope becomes interchangeable with delusion.

While the story is poignant, it looks like a well-produced online film or adult cartoon on TV rather than an animated feature. Wrinkles would have benefited from a more detailed animation. In the hands of Hayao Miyazaki, this would have been a more vibrant film that mixes dementia-induced fantasies and reality.

Still, Wrinkles provides us a rarely tackled subject. It can be hard to watch because the characters are relatable and their lives are a realistic reflection of what yours will be at some point.

In the end, the movie tells us that all of this is inevitable. Old people may have more than a few screws loose, but that doesn’t mean they should be discarded.



Wrinkles is a poignant and thoughtful animated tale that shows an honest look at old age.

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