Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review – Insipid Mashup

There’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so why Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter?

The Gothic visuals looked good enough and the actors are committed to selling this movie. But halfway through, it turns from an alternate autobiography into alternate history, with a silly premise attached to a serious and dramatic story.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is as predictable and contrived as its fight scenes. It doesn’t do much to suspend disbelief either. The movie’s attempt to mix Lincoln’s exploits with politics fell flat. The idea of Vampires using slaves as food wasn’t developed enough to create a sense of conflict and raise the stakes.

The vampires are much more evolved than typical ones, with their ability to adapt to sunlight and become invisible. But even with all the main villain’s power, his final showdown with the vampire hunter president is lackluster.

Perhaps saddled by the historical figure at its center, the movie tries to sell a serious movie about vampires. There is something interesting here about using slaves to keep vampires under control.

Unfortunately, the movie is based on an equally superficial novel, which has nothing to say about vampirism and slavery.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a contrived, unengaging movie that takes itself too seriously.

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