CineFilipino Movie Review: Ang Taba Ko Kasi (Because I am Fat)

As the second romantic comedy to be featured in the CineFilipino line-up, Ang Taba ko Kasi is easy to dismiss. Don’t be fooled because the movie has more to say than what you might assume from its poster.

Thanks to a thoughtful script Ang Taba ko Kasi shows the physical and internal struggles of Olga. The comedic scenes are based on the common struggles in losing weight instead of the mean-spirited fat jokes to elicit a laugh.

What makes the movie truly remarkable is it goes beyond comedy to portray the complexity of Olga’s issue – she’s not only a victim of unattainable body standards but also the perpetrator. The movie reflects her misguided view of perfection as well as portrays how self-loathing influences the way she treats other people.

Cai Cortez and Ryan Illana deliver endearing performances that make you want to root for their characters. Spared from the cliches of frivolous movies, they’re not treated as caricatures with convenient storylines that you would typically see in makeover movies. They’re fleshed out roles doesn’t solely revolve around their weight.

While Ang Taba ko Kasi excels as a nuanced tale of self-acceptance, it’s not an effective romantic comedy. The relationships are thin and the love triangle is contrived.

Still, Ang Taba ko Kasi is an entertaining comedy with surprising depth, thanks to its commitment to delivering a good story rather than easy answers. In the end, you have a relatable story about recognizing your issues and having the resolve to overcome them.

Ang Taba Ko Kasi (Because I'm Fat)


Ang Taba Ko Kasi is an entertaining and insightful tale of self-acceptance thanks to a script that treats its characters as people, instead of a visual gag. 

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